Jacqueline Aimee

Pilates Mat-Work & Ballet Barre.

Phone: 0117 329 3833
E-mail: info@bristolmovementspace.co.uk

Jacqui is a STOTT PILATESĀ® Certified Matwork Instructor and underwent her training at YMCA, as part of Merrithew, in London. She loves sharing her passion for Pilates with clients and seeing them progress.

The STOTT Pilates principles include breathing, working on placing the pelvis and spine into stable and shock-absorbing positions, stabilising the shoulder blades, cervical spine and ribcage. During her classes, you will work on activating deep core muscles and strengthening and lengthening muscles that stabilise the rest of your body, at the same time learning a fun repertoire.

Jacqui practised classical ballet and tap dancing as a child and has always been fascinated by movement, be it hiking, cycling, swimming and dance. Her passion for cycling and Pilates has propelled her in the direction to study more and is currently completing a course on Pilates for cyclists.