• Our teachers are passionate about movement and will work with you to make you move in new ways.

    Movement is personal and so we offer you teachers who are skilled professionals and are able to bring out the best in you. With their different skills and motivation we believe you will find the teacher for you. 

  • Matt Gilkes

    Pilates: Matwork & Studio Equipment.

    Matt discovered Pilates while learning trapeze at Circomedia where Pilates was used in the warm-up and then in creating efficient controlled movement on the trapeze.
    After seeing the benefits of Pilates on his own body he trained as a teacher under the instruction of Master Trainer Suzanne Scott at The Scott Studio in Somerset.
    Pilates helps you to understand your body more and realise the importance of movement and how much it directly affects your well being and everyday life activities. The body is amazing and more than just the thing that carries our brain around in and yet we mainly ignore it. Pilates is a great way to enable you to connect with your body and enjoy it's uniqueness.


  • Anne-Marie O'Neill

    Pilates: Matwork

    Anne-Marie became passionate about Pilates after it helped rehab her from a recurring shoulder injury. Trained by the Pilates Foundation Anne-Marie teaches cover classes at the studio. She is also co-owner of the studio and spends lots of time in the office. Her classes will challenge you and her enthusiasm is infectious.
    She is often seen taking part in an Equipment class as she believes these classes are highly addictive.
  • Charlotte Baker

    Pilates: Reformer. Ballet: Barre.

    Charlotte began her journey into movement when studying dance on a foundation degree in her hometown, Bristol. Inspired by the intricate details of movement, body awareness and the pure rigour of dance, she went on to further develop her understanding by training at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Here Charlotte spent four years devoted to her practice, completing a BPA Honours Degree and Postgraduate Degree with distinction.

    Since then Charlotte has worked as a professional dancer performing for the likes of Colin Poole and Roberta Jean (MysterySkin) and toured nationally and internationally in venues such as the Royal Opera House, London, the Tsunagu Tayutau Arts festival, Japan, and 100W Corsicana, Texas.

    Having seen the impact of injury on many of her colleagues in the works of professional dance, Charlotte developed a keen interest in the benefits of movement for rehabilitation.

    She began working at St Charles Hospital assisting physiotherapists and occupational therapists delivering one-on-one exercise programmes. But prevention is better than cure, and Charlotte felt her skills would be put to best use teaching and inspiring others to move for a strong and healthy body. In Dynamic Reformer Pilates, she has found a discipline that combines all of her experience and everything she is most passionate about.

    Her love of movement and studies of the human body keep her continuously interested and engaged. Sharing her discoveries, and seeing the changes in people she works with is one of the things she loves most about teaching.


  • Olivia Leek

    Pilates: Matwork.

    Having trained as a professional dancer in London, Olivia Leek came to Pilates through core strength training and injury rehabilitation.
    In 2016 she took the STOTT PILATES essential and intermediate Matwork teacher training course with the YMCA and is now a dynamic teacher.
    Incorporating her dance experience into each class, you can be sure you will be worked hard, get results and enjoy it all at the same time.
  • Dr Russell Jones

    Pilates: Matwork & Studio Equipment

    In the late 1990s his medical work took him to Australia and it was during these years that he developed his interest in physical theatre.

    On his return to England, he followed this new path into performing, undertaking an MA in theatre practice at the Central School of Speech and Drama. Following this, he went to Circomedia in Bristol to study aerial and physical theatre.

    He has performed with NoFit State Circus and was a founding member of Amphitheatre of the Arts and Cirque Nova with whom he performed regularly in London. 

    Russell trained as a Comprehensive Pilates teacher (mat and equipment), with Suzanne Scott, of the Scott Studio, Castle Cary. Russell endeavours to integrate his medical knowledge with his understanding of movement to produce a form of Pilates that is both effective exercise and supports injury prevention.

  • Andrea Beckman Jones

    Pilates: Matwork

    Andrea was born and raised in a small town in New Mexico, USA. She developed a passion for movement at a very young age through ballet and gymnastics and all the outdoor activities available at her doorstep.

    She settled in the UK and soon after started attending sessions at her local studio, where she discovered a love of all things Pilates.

    In 2015 she began her comprehensive training through Polestar Pilates in London and has spent the last two years building up her knowledge of the mat and equipment repertoire.

    As an avid cyclist, Andrea understands the importance of being able to take the knowledge from the studio into everyday life, especially after experiencing first-hand the positive impact that Pilates has on both mind and body.

  • Elly Nashat

    Pilates: Matwork

    Elly found pilates through her role as a sports and remedial therapist and uses it as a cornerstone of her practice for injury rehabilitation. She is also passionate about anatomy and movement, devoting most of her time to understanding how the body works in motion.

    A keen cyclist and climber Elly loves the improvements in dynamic stability, control and efficient movement that pilates creates and believes big gains can be achieved by incorporating pilates principles into all activities.

    Qualified thorough both stott and appi Elly brings the best of both approaches to teach fun and varied classes focusing on optimal muscle recruitment, mobility and strength.

  • Jo Palmer

    Pilates: Matwork

    Joanna Palmer trained as a Pilates Matwork Teacher at the Scott Studio in Somerset under Master Trainer Suzanne Scott.

    As well as being an excellent Pilates Teacher Joanna is a highly skilled corde lisse aerial performer who has performed internationally with companies such as 'The Netherlands National Circus', 'The Barbican' as well as at numerous worldwide corporate events.

    As well as corde lisse she is also highly proficient in aerial straps, silks, hoop, double trapeze, double swinging trapeze and physical theatre. She is also a skilled in acrobalance flyer.

    She studied ballet for 15 years and contemporary dance for a further 5. She has a BA Hons degree in sculpture from the University of Southampton.
  • Movement is personal and so we offer you teachers who are skilled professionals and are able to bring out the best in you. With their different skills and motivation we believe you will find the teacher for you.