• Pilates Mat-Work Teacher Training at Bristol Movement Space

    We’re so excited to launch our very own mat-work teacher training course, starting in January 2020. The course will take place right here at the studio, over a period of 6 months, so if you’re considering a career change or simply want to deepen your understanding of Pilates then this is your opportunity.

  • Course Content

    The course will last approx. 6 months and will compromise of 2 training days each month (1 in the first month) with an additional revision day (12 teaching days in total).

    The teaching days will be on a Friday and Saturday. Balens Insurance will provide insurance for the trainees

    The 12 Teaching days, which will take place in our Bristol studio, will cover:
    • History of Pilates
    • Key principles of Pilates
    • Classical Pilates’ Exercises
    • Evolved Pilates’ exercises
    • Contraindications
    • Use of small equipment
    • Movement directions/planes of movement
    • Postural types and assessment
    • Pelvis and pelvic floor
    • Lumbar and Pelvic Stability
    • The Spine
    • Breathing
    • Scapular Stability
    • Joints
    • Hip and Knee
    • Feet
    • Common pathologies
    • Rehab clients
    • Pre and post-natal Pilates
    • Client Enrolment, assessment, designing client programmes, progression
    • Lesson Plans and teaching skills, verbal and tactile cueing
    • Establishing your business, good practice, client care, career development
    • Revision for written examination.

  • Students Requirements

    Each day will have a Pilates’ class in which trainees participate and eventually with exercises, taught by trainees, building up to full classes.

    In addition to this we would expect the trainees to complete: 

    • 2 case studies of individuals • 100 hours of self-study (min) 

    • An essay on an anatomical area of interest or pathology

     • 1 3-hour examination comprising of questions on anatomy, Pilates’ history, Pilates’ principles and Pilates teaching.

     • 1 45-minute practical examination assessed by an independent Pilates’ teacher • 50 hours of supervised teaching (min) 

    • 75 hours of observation and personal practice (min) 

    The cost of the course is £2500, if paid in full, or £2750 if paid in 6 monthly instalments. Course feels include all lectures and classes and our teaching training manual.

    Course fees do not include IPTA membership (Independent Pilates Teachers Association), student insurance, examination fees, books and equipment and the 1 day First Aid at Work qualification. 

    Applicants are required to submit our application form and may then be invited to attend a 1:1 class and an interview. We require a non-refundable deposit of £250 to secure each space. 

  • For more information contact Anne-Marie. 

    tel: 0117 329 3833