Pilates Teacher Training

Based in Bristol we offer Pilates Matwork Teacher Training Courses, Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Courses and Continuing Training for Pilates Professionals and those wishing to enter the profession.

Over the last two decades, Pilates has become a very popular exercise form and as a result, there is a huge demand for highly qualified teachers in the UK. Some Pilates’ qualifications can be obtained quickly and don’t require many hours of observation, assisting and teaching. We look to train highly skilled teachers with an in depth understanding of Pilates and anatomy and the ability to teach engaging and varied lessons both to groups and to private clients. We want to equip you to work safely and effectively with the range of people you might meet, as a Pilates teacher, such as those who are post-op or pre/post-natal clients.

We look for many qualities in a student and not just the ability to perform an exercise. We want our students to become confident Pilates Teachers who fully understand the movement, anatomy and reason for any exercise. The ability to teach comes from this confidence and not from simply being good at performing the exercise.

Small Group Learning

Our courses are numbers We do not train many students each year and we do this deliberately so we can spend the time developing each teacher. Not to be who we want them to be but for them to be the Pilates Teacher that they are.

Our course tuition is delivered using a multi-layered approach to teaching and learning styles and will bring out the qualities of each student individually.

So, if you have read this far and are ready to take the Pilates Matwork Teacher training further there are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

Questions to Ask Yourself?

• Do I seriously seriously want to teach a Pilates Class or would I just like to know more about Pilates?

• Am I good with people and am I an effective and empathetic communicator?

• Is this going to be a hobby, part-time career or a full-time career?

• Who would i feel more comfortable teaching – groups or private individual sessions?

• Where would be my ideal place to work be?

• Am I passionate about exercising regularly?

• Does anatomy and movement interest me?

• How much money and time will this Pilates Teacher Training Course require?

If you would like to register your interest or ask any questions: info@bristolmovementspace.co.uk