Pilates Matwork

Pilates Matwork classes are a great way to get in touch with your body. Our classes focus on creating a balance in the body, strengthening the core postural muscles and working on co-ordination and stability. They can also make you feel great!

Pilates Matwork exercises rely upon your own body weight to provide the resistance for your muscles to work against. This way you are able to achieve a toned & lengthen body instead of a ‘pumped’ look. We will sometimes use small pieces of equipment in the class such as soft balls, resistance bands, wobble cushions or Yoga blocks to help emphasise or enhance the exercises.

There is a very important mind-body element in Pilates classes which helps to develop muscle memories and reconnect with long forgotten parts of the body.

To join a Pilates matwork class you must have either been to the beginners Pilates class here at Bristol Movement Space or taken classes recently elsewhere.

Classes are not suitable for beginners – please see the Beginners