• There are two ways to start your Pilates' practice. You can either join the 4 week beginners course on a Tuesday evening at 1915 or a Thursday evening at 1800 or purchase a Private Introduction to Pilates package.

    Whichever you choose there is no need for you to to bring anything other than yourself as we provide all equipment including mats. You just need to wear clothing suitable for stretching in. You do not wear footwear in Pilates other than socks. 

    Beginners’ Pilates Course

    This is a four-week course for beginners. If you have never tried Pilates before or haven't practised Pilates for a while, then this is the course for you! We will teach you the basics – but really important bits first - and as we do everything for a reason in Pilates, we want you to know how and why you are doing it! Once you can apply the Pilates' principles to your own body, you will understand and progress in your practice and will not be left in class just going through the motions of the movements. At the end of the four-week block, you will be able to join any other of our mat work or apparatus classes.

    We also limit the size of all our mat work classes so you know the teacher will always be able to observe you and help you to perform the exercises correctly.

    If you have to miss a week, we will try to recap briefly the following week but we recommend you don't miss any classes if possible! 

    If you are already regularly practising Pilates, but want to join our class, we recommend a 1:1 refresher lesson first.


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  • Beginners Pilates Class

    Join the beginners Pilates class on a Tuesday evening at 7pm and start to learn the basic Pilates exercises and Pilates principles.

    The class is fun and slow paced while we focus on the techniques you will need to advance your practice. We will introduce new exercises each week as well as the ones you are familiar with.

    You are encouraged to ask questions during the class and the small class size means you will quickly develop your understanding of Pilates

    Once you and your teacher are happy with your level of understanding you are then able to join any class from the timetable and continue on your Pilates journey.


  • Private introduction to Pilates

    This is a quick and tailored way to joining a regular class. You can choose either a 1:2:1 session or arrange for a friend to join you.

    Over the 2 x 1 hour sessions you will cover the basic Pilates exercises and Pilates Principles taught in the Beginners Pilates class but there will be more time available to focus on areas specific to you. These might include training aims or areas within your body unique to you, such as Hypermobility, Scoliosis, ME or any muscular skeletal problem such as disc issues.

    These sessions are also great if you just want to get on with Pilates and join a regular class or would like some personalised tuition.

    Please telephone the studio to book your private introduction to Pilates. The total cost for this introduction is £45.00. 

    Tel : 0117 329 3833

  • Questionnaire:

    You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire before you begin your first class with us. To save time please download the form below and bring the completed form with you to your class.

    Questionnaire: Download here