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1: Session Prices

1:1 sessions can be booked by finding a free appointment space online (only available weekday, daytimes) or by contacting us directly by e-mail as we may be able to jiggle things around to accommodate you! there may be a wait as 1:1s are so popular!

If you would like some help choosing a class or want to discuss your specific requirements then please email info@bristolmovementspace.co.uk and we will be happy to help you.

You can buy a single class or private session to use at any time or if you're a regular visitor you can purchase blocks of classes. Or if you take 2 or more classes per week you might want to consider our monthly pass and pay less per class. Full details on all our packages are below.

1:1 Session

These are ideal if you are looking to achieve a specific training aim or are post-trauma.

Finding time for a Pilates session is a great cross-training choice. Take the time to focus how you body moves and increase your own body awareness.

Post-trauma Pilates helps to re-learn movement patterns that perhaps have been forgotten and are a great way to check in with how your body feels and moves now post injury/trauma.

Each session lasts 1 hour and are available on weekdays and Saturday morning.

Single  1:1 £45
2  1:1’s £85 (£42.50 per session)
3  1:1’s £99 (£33.00 per session)
5 Private 1:1 £210 (£42 per session)
10 Private 1:1 £390 (£39 per session)

2:1 Session

A great way for you and a friend to share a session if you are looking to achieve a specific training aims or want to enjoy the intensity or a Private 1:2:1 together. Each session lasts 1 hour.

Single Private 2:1 £60
2  x Private 2:1 £114 (£57 per session)
5 x  Private 2:1 £265 (£53 per session)
10 x Private 2:1 £500 (£50 per session)

2:1 Intro to Pilates

A great way for you and a friend to share an Intro to Pilates. Over 3 sessions we will teach you the fundamental movements of Pilates and tailor the sessions to your needs. Each session lasts 1 hour.

Shared Intro to Pilates  – 3 Sessions £150

Online Booking System

One you have bought a class you are able to choose the day and time of class you wish to attend.You are not committed to the same time class each week or even to attend every week. We have clients who attend one class every 2/3 weeks as their busy life allows, just remember to give at least 24 hours’ notice if you can’t attend the class or you will lose the credit, whatever the circumstances, as it is very difficult for us to re-sell the space with short notice.

All classes now have a 6 month expiry date but if you are unable to attend for a while, let us know, and if we can extend your classes, we will!

All classes are non-refundable. If you can’t use the classes, we can extend the expiry date for you, if possible, or you can gift them to a friend or family member.

For 4 week beginners’ courses. you have to give us at least 7 days’ notice if you can’t attend the course and would like a refund as it is very difficult for us to resell a space on a course with less than a week’s notice. We will try, wherever possible, to transfer you to the next course, if there’s space. If you have to miss a week of the beginner’s course – for whatever reason – then we cannot refund you the week or let you make up the class as the courses run discretely.


No refunds will be given. We incur payment processing costs at the point of sale and if we were to give refunds, would have to pay them again then. We hope you understand that we can’t sustain these costs as a small business. If you are unable to make use of an item you have purchased, you can gift it to someone else or, where possible, we will extend the expiry date, so that you can make use of it. Thank you for your understanding!

24-hour Cancellation Policy:

A 24-hour advance cancellation period applies to all sessions (group classes or private) for any cancellation, rescheduled or no show.

All bookings and cancellations must be made through your on-line account.